29 Year Old Millionaire Reveals 7 Regrets From Early 20’s…

Drop out of College Sooner

College is excellent for maintaining your social life and meeting new people. Additionally, whether or not the degree you take up gives you valuable information, it will teach you how to work hard. But besides these two things, is it worth spending $150,000 to $200,000 a year and studying what you have no interest in? 

No, you can keep your part-time job to maintain your social life and then have a strict regime to study business books and learn fundamental sciences, like physics or math, that many people should know. Furthermore, you can start up a side business and keep socializing. 


Investing More into Social Life

It is essential in your 20s. While getting good grades is vital to keep discipline and hard work intact, it is only sometimes necessary. Hence, you should loosen up, party whenever you like, and relax. Invest in your social life and meet new people, and build meaningful relationships because, in life ahead, you get so busy that you miss the connection.


Having Business Partners Much Sooner

This means you are the main person and giving everyone a piece of something you are doing. When you have other people to rely on, like others invested, doing business becomes much more accessible. 


Being More Materialistic

While saving up for the future is excellent, being scared of spending your money and not enjoying it even a bit can be problematic. You have to balance grinding super hard and enjoying your profit. You may upgrade your wardrobe and buy a better apartment or comfortable car. While worldly things will not make you happy, they help you up a certain threshold. Your day-to-day life should improve.


Having More Trips and Experiences

There are two types of renewals to prevent burnout; the first is a physical renewal, for instance, lying in bed or not rushing too much. The second one is spiritual renewal, which you get when you socialize or engage in stress-free activities. Being present in the moment and gaining new experiences is all about spiritual revival. 


Losing Weight Much Earlier

Getting in shape will help you feel better about your body and give you confidence. People imply that losing weight is more accessible than losing weight is. It depends on the way you go about it. Try to follow a regime that does not completely deprive you of your cravings. Keep goals, like losing 1 pound weekly, and monitor your weight. 


Investing Sooner

Investing in stocks and real estate frequently is essential. Instead of making emotional decisions as a youngster, you can apply strategies like 10-15% alternative investments and 15-20% cash and split the rest evenly between real estate and stocks. 

Find low-cost bear-to-entry funds and real estate to invest in to learn what investment deals look like. Keep a cash reserve and take advantage of opportunities whenever possible. Having a plan about what to do with the money at a young age can help you save a lot in the long run. 

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