2X Your Sales Funnel Return on Ad Spend With This Simple

When investing in marketing and advertising for your company, benefitting from double the returns from your spend is the ideal situation.

However, that is easier said than done because earning two times the ROAS from the advertisement that you put in is incredibly difficult and highly unlikely, especially if you are starting in the industry.

However, there is a secret method to this that a majority of the elite salespeople and companies incorporate, which is known as the ‘salesman’s secret,’ that has the potential to essentially double the returns you would receive from Ad spending.

This technique is a secret because it connects an external factor of marketing and advertisement but looks at the sales process for refinement.

Let us look at this in more detail, understanding the old funnel and talking about the new one that can potentially boost your profits.


The Old Funnel

The customer journey highlighted by the old funnel normally used by most sales companies includes elements that begin with the potential client viewing the ad and deciding to opt-in and end when the sales call is conducted.

Even though many people consider VSL incapable of producing the desired results, that is not true. It might be difficult to incorporate this into a funnel for companies belonging to specific markets, but it is doable and produces results.

 The key difference between this funnel and the new one is that this variant is capable of producing approximately two times the return on Ad spend and has the potential to scale successfully with a business that earns around $200,000 a month.


The New Funnel

Although the new funnel is based on the structure of the old one, the main difference is within the Opting in part of the client journey.

The updated variant incorporates email and phone numbers into the opting part of the process, and that is considered the key difference between the new and the old sales funnel and the trigger to uplift returns on Ad expenditure.

The Email

This portion of the information-gathering stage looks at the email extracted when the client opts in. It is used through an auto-response system or a daily broadcast strategy to drive them toward call and outbound setters.

The Phone Number

This is the main source of profit for your returns and involves acquiring the potential client’s phone number as the first step. From there, the company would place calls to these numbers, trying to maintain a regular time interval between each call.

Calling the numbers and maintaining the right speed cadence and frequency of calls drives the production and monthly revenue to another level.



The old and the new funnel may seem similar at first glance. Still, several key differences distinguish them, such as the importance of making calls at a consistent pace and the need for setters to be trained salespeople to produce the best results.

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