“I Need to Talk To My Spouse” – Here’s What To Say

We will highlight the importance of preventing this objection. Furthermore, we will discuss three significant complaints, how to handle them, and in which order. We will further discuss how to delineate the two types of spousal objections. To handle this objection first, let’s look at three core types of complaints, including: Uncertainty based objection: This […]

The $25 Million VSL Framework

The following article will discuss the VSL framework, direct vs. indirect leads, and six ways to start a sales message. So, let’s get started.  About VSLs VSL means a Video Sales Letter. It is similar to the traditional sales letter, but to get this perfect, we recommend you read the book ‘great leads,’ which identifies […]

How to Build the ULTIMATE Sales Team

We will learn about putting the sales team on autopilot, the importance of having a proper sequence, identifying when you are ready for a sales manager, how to transition leadership over to the sales manager, and finally, we will review some sales managers’ SOPs.   What Are We Here To Build? Eventually, when you have […]

How to Build a Top 1% Sales Team

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8yqA6usp00 Do you need help finding and retaining top sales talent for your business? In this article, we’ll discuss the characteristics of the top one percent of salespeople and provide insights on hiring, training, and managing them effectively.    Creating a Career Opportunity When recruiting exceptional salespeople, focusing on offering them an enticing career opportunity […]

The 3rd Sales Person NO ONE Talks About

In the world of sales, discussions often revolve around the setting and closing teams, but a third team doesn’t receive the attention it deserves—the Client Success Management (CSM) team.  This team is vital in driving upsells and ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. This blog will explore and discuss the importance of CSMs, the construction of […]

2 Keys I Used to Scale to 8 Figures

Two key factors are common within every successful company, and they can help any company jump to eight figures. Let us discuss this in greater detail, understanding the two key considerations needed for any company to take the next step in terms of scaling in revenue.   Gaining Mastery Over One Channel of Acquisition An […]

“I Need to Talk to My Spouse/Partner” – Sales Objection Breakdown

In the world of sales, objections are common hurdles that salespeople encounter. One particular objection frequently arises when prospects express the need to consult their spouse or partner before deciding.  This objection often leads to delays and uncertainty, causing deals to slip through the cracks. This blog post will delve into the breakdown of the […]

“That’s Too Much Money” – Objection Handling Masterclass

Not every sale call ends without any complication. Salespeople often face objections at the end of their pitch along the lines of “This is too much for me” or “I can’t afford this.” This financial objection does not necessarily mean the potential client will not invest in the product. Here are a couple of simple […]

Discounts & Inventive Based Pricing – Should You Do It?

In essence, the incentive-based pricing model is a pricing structure based on potentially pressuring the potential consumer to make a decision right away by providing them with incentivized pricing. The incentives can come in the form of discounts or throwing in other products with the catch of not providing them with time to sit on […]

2X Your Sales Funnel Return on Ad Spend With This Simple

When investing in marketing and advertising for your company, benefitting from double the returns from your spend is the ideal situation. However, that is easier said than done because earning two times the ROAS from the advertisement that you put in is incredibly difficult and highly unlikely, especially if you are starting in the industry. […]

My Sales Team Closes 40%+ Using This Sales Script

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GpCFethrGI When using a sales script, salespeople take inspiration from many different sales and marketing gurus to make a personalized script. However, many of them still wonder if there is one superior script. However, that is not true, with most of the resulting scripts working for the salespeople and being perfect in their own right. […]

1 Simple Question to 2X Your 1-Call Closes

This article will teach you about a simple question framework that will get your prospects to buy now. The sales call consists of six primary phases: Introduction Information gathering Transition Pitch  Committing  Objection handling  We will learn about that inside the information-gathering phase, a questioning framework that helps you achieve the goal. As an experienced […]

ALWAYS Do This at the Beginning of Every Sales Call

Before beginning, it is essential to have some context. So, let’s understand what makes sales calls work in the first place. There are seven beliefs your prospect needs to have to buy, including: Pain: problem or unfulfilled desire Doubt: inability to fix that desire Cost: there has to be a consequence if the problem goes […]

Prevent any objection by saying this…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLih_2Fy_uk How you handle objections from potential customers is a significant factor in the success or failure of your sales pitch. It’s not enough to answer questions; instead, you should use tactics that anticipate and neutralize potential objections.  You may deftly navigate prospect questions and convert them into sales if you know how to use […]

This pitch framework makes me $80,000 per day

We will go through the pitching frame or pitch codex for anything you sell; this mainly works for services like coaching courses, consolidating high tickets, etc. Our framework has three parts: High-level promise: In this, you will state what is and is not at the highest benefit level.  Bridge: The Bridge is the four steps/pillars between […]

Close 100% of sales calls with THIS…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM9l5DFrpQE First, let’s look at the six most essential phases of a sales call: Introduction Information gathering/ discovery Transition Pitch Committing  Objection Handling In this article, we will mainly focus on the committing part.  The Committing Phase The Committing Phase is getting the prospects bought in on your thesis. A great pitch is not pitching […]

Handle ANY Sales Objection with this Simple Framework

You can handle any of the objections below using this framework: Financial: do not have enough money Spouse/partner: want to talk to them before Uncertainty Isolating The Objection For instance, if the prospect says they want to think about it, you must reply by saying, “No, problem.” Then ask them what is there which is […]

This Secret Allowed Russell Brunson To Sell Over 362+ Million

Many elite salespeople in the industry have developed certain methods and techniques to master the art of converting potential leads into clients. Let us discuss this in greater detail, highlighting some methods that will allow you to boost your conversion rate considerably.   The 2 Sales One of the first things that you need to […]

How To Scale From $0 To 1 Million A Year In Any Business

There are many different problems a business can suffer from, most of which have a high potential to result in the business failing in its initial stages and being unable to progress in terms of making enough money.  This is especially prevalent in the service business, but many other businesses can suffer. However, there are […]

Why I’ve Been Stuck at $30,000,000 A Year…

As you grow, you accomplish many different financial milestones as you start to develop and grow your business, providing you with insights as you gain more information to improve different aspects of your company. In essence, a business’s entire growth and development process can be divided into several stages. Let us discuss this in greater […]

You can sell ANYTHING after watching this video…

When you are on the sales call, it is essential to understand that the information-gathering phase is further divided into two other subcategories. The first stage is used to cover the current situation during the sales call, which is also known as the hell island, while the other one is known as the heaven island […]

Client Says, “Let me talk to one of your clients.” And You Say…

Objection handling is like Jiu Jitsu many times; by this, we mean that you should focus on the energy they are giving you and not necessarily disagree and use that energy to move things forward.  When you receive the objection that they want to speak to your clients, so before you get to the pitch […]

Rich vs. Poor salespeople. Here’s the difference.

Sales is a very competitive realm, and the difference between a superstar salesperson and an average performer can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll explore how to distinguish between these two groups, focusing on how they measure their performance.  We’ll examine why the commonly used metric of close rate can be deceptive and […]

Don’t Start a Business in 2023… (Do This Instead)

The very famous CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, said instead of starting a business instantly, begin by getting a job first. In this article, we will highlight this perspective. Not everything you do as a career is about status and prestige attached to the name of the profession, but the actual reason you should be […]

29 Year Old Millionaire Reveals 7 Regrets From Early 20’s…

Drop out of College Sooner College is excellent for maintaining your social life and meeting new people. Additionally, whether or not the degree you take up gives you valuable information, it will teach you how to work hard. But besides these two things, is it worth spending $150,000 to $200,000 a year and studying what […]

How Top 1% Entrepreneurs CRUSH their Competition…

In today’s competitive world, it’s crucial to have a winning strategy that allows you to stay ahead of your competitors. Maintaining endurance and perseverance is one strategy that stands out and can help you crush any competition. Let’s explore this concept further by drawing a parallel between fighting in the UFC and the business world. […]

These 14 Books Made Me $36,000,000

1) Ready Fire Aim, by Micheal Masterson (Mark Ford) The book covers four stages, from zero to $100 billion annually. Many people who guide business growth and management are re-teaching most of their stuff by modifying it and making it industry specific.    2) Great Leads, by Mark Ford It consists of the six best […]

Handling Objections in Sales | That’s Too Expensive

If you have ever received an objection from your client saying they cannot close the deal because of financial constraints, this article will benefit you. We will provide you with a framework that you can use to beat any economic objections and close the deal.  We are going to focus on objections only in this […]

2 Steps to Handle ANY Objection

In this article, we will highlight two critical steps that you can take to handle any objections that the prospect throws at you.  The three most common objections are: Financial Spouse/Partner Uncertainty However, no matter the objections, we only follow two steps.  Overview of the Sales Process The six phases of a sales process are: […]

Do NOT Start An Online Business In The 2023 Recession. Do This Instead!

In today’s virtual world, working online has become a trend. So many people wish to start online businesses. However, it comes with numerous risks. So, we will tell you about another way to earn online income through “the skills economy” rather than starting a business in this article. So, keep reading! To begin and lay […]

How To Go From ZERO to MILLIONAIRE In 27 Minutes

Our thesis at Closers.io is the fastest, most effective way to scale any high-ticket business to $100K monthly, if not more. What we’re going to cover is two phases, and we’ll keep it very simple.    Phase One: Validation I’m going to make a bet that what I’m about to tell you, you’ve probably heard […]

These 7 Lessons From 2022 Will Make Me 50 Million Next Year…

Lesson 1: Difference between Growth and Development Growth is the rise of topline numbers going into the system, whereas development is the system’s efficiency that will extract energy into the environment. For example, India is growing more than the US but still needs to be developed as the US, and vice versa. The primary lesson […]

How to Keep A-Players On Your Team Forever

You’ve probably heard something along these lines before. The person who can pay the most for a customer wins. It’s a pretty famous quote from Dan Kennedy, and many other people echo it.  It makes sense, too. Obviously, if you can pay more than your competitors to acquire an asset that you can eventually re-market […]

Handle 40 Objections in 40 Minutes

I’ll be breaking down a recent charity webinar I was a part of, where my business partner Bryan and I handled 40 objections in 40 minutes. That’s right, every single objection thrown our way was dealt with live on the call, and today I’m going to share some of the tips and tricks we used […]

2 Closers, Same Script, Different Results – Why?

Have you ever wondered why two sales reps can use the exact same script but get vastly different results? It’s frustrating, right? Well, I’ve got the answer for you. It all comes down to sub-communication. When I first started in sales, I struggled with this issue myself. I was using the same script as the […]

Remove Yourself From Sales Management (4 Steps)

I want to talk about building a sales team that runs autonomously, so you can remove yourself from sales management and focus on scaling your business. If you’re an entrepreneur or founder, you probably started out doing all the day-to-day sales yourself. But eventually, you’ll need to build a sales team if you want to […]

4 Simple Steps to Close ANY Deal

As a salesperson, you may have found yourself in a situation where you have a prospect who is interested in your product or service but is still on the fence about making a purchase. In such situations, you need to know how to close the deal effectively. In this video, Cole Gordon, a sales trainer, […]

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