Do NOT Start An Online Business In The 2023 Recession. Do This Instead!

In today’s virtual world, working online has become a trend. So many people wish to start online businesses. However, it comes with numerous risks. So, we will tell you about another way to earn online income through “the skills economy” rather than starting a business in this article. So, keep reading!

To begin and lay a strong foundation for your venture, you first need to give relentless focus to it. Hence, this shows that you might set yourself up for failure instead of trying to do everything in the business by yourself as a beginner, from social media management to sales management. 

Hence, focusing on mastering one skill will drastically shorten your path to success. Therefore, this is where the concept of “the skills economy” comes into play. Focusing on mastering one skill is particularly relevant in the skills economy, where companies and industries seek specialized skills and expertise. 


Top 3 Blueprints to Leverage the Skills Economy

Media Buying

You might see ads on your YouTube videos, Facebook, and other internet surfing sites, but you can’t see that there are people behind setting up those ads, and those people are called media buyers. Media buyers purchase and negotiate advertising space and time for their client’s products or services across various media platforms to reach their target audience. 

To buy media effectively, you should learn performance-based marketing, which means you can spend one dollar and get one back. You can learn this skill free from YouTube channels like ‘Becker Of HYRONS.’

How Does The Money Making Of Media Buying Work Out?

As a beginner, you should start at $2500 to $5000 per client per month, and your work should be on performance-based marketing. 



Along with running the ads, someone is writing those ads. They are called copywriters. You may use AI chat models like ChatGPT to get the basic ideas and all the research and revise and finalize the drafts based on your creativity. 

In this way, you can get 90% of the work done and take it past the finish line. You can read books or learn directly from experts like Jon Benson to learn copywriting. 


Remote Closing

Remote closing refers to completing a transaction or deal, such as a real estate purchase, without being physically present in the other parties’ exact location. You may charge an amount, for example, 10%, if you close the deal. 

In this, there is a win for both; the entrepreneur wins because they get time off, which they can use to scale, and you win because you can focus on one skill. Thus, you can create massive online income without starting a business by taking calls online. 

Remote closing is becoming a preferred sales method over traditional tactics because it allows pre-framed and pre-educated buyers to make purchasing decisions on their terms, eliminates face-to-face interactions, and offers a more convenient and efficient sales process, just using an iPhone and Wi-Fi. 

After all, sales are the best skill to get the foundation of any business off the ground. Thus, mastering skills like copywriting and remote calling can benefit you perpetually. 

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