Don’t Start a Business in 2023… (Do This Instead)

The very famous CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, said instead of starting a business instantly, begin by getting a job first. In this article, we will highlight this perspective. Not everything you do as a career is about status and prestige attached to the name of the profession, but the actual reason you should be doing it is because of your inner calling, helping people and changing lives. 

It would help if you got a job that suits your skills. You may face problems initially, like failing to meet deadlines or getting fired or shouted at, but soon you will master the job with unwavering focus. Thus, you can become the top person on the team. 

The pivotal moment in your industry can be if you survey the industry and find the most popular, fast-growing, and exciting startup and go and work for them. You can look up to those people as your mentors. 

You can experience growth there and see by osmosis how a great company operates, its day-to-day operations, how they run its sales team, how they run its marketing team, and how they set its advertising budgets. Thus, you will have many experiences to leverage when building your own company. 

Ground Rules 

Find the industry you are passionate about, a company you admire—for instance, somebody who is your hero. 

Then as you are working for those companies, get in somewhere and see what skill you can specialize in while working at this company, which is highly valuable. Hence, you can eventually turn it into your business, career, or purpose. 

Even if you pick the wrong skill, you can move on to another because entrepreneurship is about building and accumulating these skills over time. You can start leveraging the specialized knowledge you have to help people. 

Thus, look for where the party is, like being part of an exciting endeavor with a vast mission attached to it. They can offer you significant growth, and you will be paid to learn. Along with learning from their success, you also need to keep an eye out for any failures they face so that you can know what NOT to do. 

Entrepreneurs who have not had a job before starting their business are usually at a severe disadvantage because they do not know what a $10 or $ 20-million-dollar company would look like. 

For instance, if you want to work for a software company, learn development, work for a big company, and help their developers get ahead. 

Wrap up

In conclusion, there may be better courses of action than jumping headfirst into a new business in 2023. Instead, following Tim Cook’s suggestion and finding a job first can lead to significant gains in both areas. Aspiring business owners may learn much about running a successful company by gaining hands-on experience in a related field while working for a recognized and interesting startup or corporation.

Working for a firm that shares one’s values and beliefs might help one excel in their chosen profession. To create the groundwork for a future business, trade, or purpose, it is essential to zero in on a specific skill set that you may refine while working for a firm.

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