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Marketing Coordinator

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Are you passionate about copy, ads, split testing, analytics, funnels etc..? We are looking for you!

Do you want to be a part of one of the fastest growing education companies working alongside some of the most elite players in the industry?

And be a part of a highly productive and fun team who push you to be your best, but are also like family?

Yes? Cool. Then you’ll want to keep reading…

(One of the fastest growing industries today is the online consulting and marketing space – do you know what’s the lifeblood of these businesses? Sales.)

And hundreds of these industry leaders trust us to help turn average sales teams to the absolute best.

This is where you come in…

As one of the fastest growing companies in the online space, we need more hands on deck to ensure that we can continue scaling efficiently and make educated data driven decisions. 

Position Summary

About The Role

The purpose of this role is to ensure the success of our marketing efforts on all the channels that we are present on as well as a consistent brand voice across all marketing activities to specific audiences.

NOTE: This position is full-time and virtual, meaning you can work from anywhere. The team here at Closers.io is located throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and England.

What You’ll Be Doing…

You will be responsible for keeping a close eye on all the marketing channels, making sure the data is collected accurately, and that everything is within our guidelines. You will be reporting the information to the marketing manager and involved in making data-driven decisions. 

  • Traffic all advertising efforts to appropriate channels.
  • Develop and manage all internal communication systems.
  • Create, maintain and strengthen the organization’s overall brand through all media avenues.
  • Simplify complex data into a user-friendly format such as graphs, charts and other visual aids for management.
  • Develop strategic marketing initiatives and activities.
  • Implement marketing plans that include  broadcast and online content.

This Is For You If

  • You have marketing experience but want to level up your skills even further by training with the best
  • You’re hungry to win
  • You care about dialing everything in to get the most ROAS as possible
  • You enjoy a lot of autonomy, while still enjoying structure and team communication/meetings
  • You actively look to improve, personally and professionally through books, courses, etc
  • You are eager to increase your income

Lastly and most importantly, you’re hungry and coachable. You understand that to be the best, you have to work hard for it and learn from others who are further ahead than you.

DISQUALIFIERS: Please DO NOT apply to this position if you:

  • Want a position for flexibility and travel freedom only 
  • Aren’t willing to work 50-60 hrs/week if needed
  • Have no interest in continuing to train and improve your sales skills
  • Can’t take criticism or feedback

Keep reading if that isn’t you…

Outcomes & Responsibilities

30 Day Targets

  1. Learn all our systems and software used
  2. Review previous data from advertising campaigns 

60 Day Targets

  1. Making educated decisions based on data to continually optimize advertising and funnels


  • Confident, clear, and dynamic communicator. Strong written and verbal skills required
  • Self-starter capable of staying focused in a challenging, fast paced environment
  • Ability to manage time effectively and work independently
  • Highly motivated to succeed and capable of expanding the necessary effort
  • Proficiency with different softwares to log, track, and maintain records.
  • Common working knowledge of Microsoft office products and online business tools
  • Knowledge of web technologies and digital eCommerce
  •  Experience in marketing, split testing, and data tracking tools such as google analytics


👀 (mainly base pay – bonus and commission)
 Full time
1099 – flexible schedule


Work remotely- Save $1000’s in commuting costs and weeks worth of time by working remotely from home

Access to $100,000+ worth of training materials

Participate in our 1-2 yearly team offsite events

How To Apply


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Screening Interview

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Skill Test

A test for your abbilities


Training Period

A training period to get you ramped up

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