These 14 Books Made Me $36,000,000

1) Ready Fire Aim, by Micheal Masterson (Mark Ford)

The book covers four stages, from zero to $100 billion annually. Many people who guide business growth and management are re-teaching most of their stuff by modifying it and making it industry specific. 


2) Great Leads, by Mark Ford

It consists of the six best ways to start a sales message. Agora, the $1.5 billion company, was built with big ideas and great headlines and led to sucking people into the direct selling copy. Hence, this book can benefit copywriters, taking them up from mediocre to pro levels. 


3) Good to Great, by Jim Collins

4) Built to Last, by Jim Collins

Both the books meld together. They both speak on the importance of teams, the importance of leadership, getting the right people on board, and having the proper mission, vision, and values to create something where it can ascend past just the founder. 


5) Book 1: Five Dysfunctions of A Team by Patrick Lencioni.

6) Book 2: The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Lencioni.

Both books discuss team and unity, specifically how to create harmony in the leadership team. Also, these books can make you a great leader yourself.


7) Take Their Money, by Kyle Milligan

It is a copywriting book, as Kyle was among the best copywriters. The book can help if you work with the direct response; it can improve your copy. It can get you great leads and put you on the map. 


8) The 16-Word Sales Letter, by Evaldo Albuquerque

He was the best copywriter in Agaro Financial. The book is about how he could continuously create promotion after promotion that blew away all the competition. 


9) Seeking Wisdom, by Peter Bevelin

Reading this book will not only make you smarter, but it will also show in your conversations and your thinking level; it will go a level up. It puts together the best teaching from billionaires and philosophers. It walks through everything, from evolution to statistics to probability and investing. 


10) Yes! , by Robert. B. Cialdini

Robert wrote this book for the consumers to see the persuasion strategies. However, business marketers received it way more than consumers. The book takes the principles of influence and teaches how to put them into practice. 


11) Organizational Physics, the Science of Growing a Business, by Lex Sisney

The author has a strong background in physics, and physics can explain anything and everything in the world. It goes over the physics around a business, which allows it to scale product life cycles and poorly life cycles, business life cycles, how to create innovation, and helps you learn about team building and managing. 


12) High Output Management, by NDS Grove

He was the CEO at Intel. Many people believe he wrote the Bible of Operations. The book contains much information about conducting one-on-ones, training and motivating employees and holding people accountable. 


13) The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

He is a billionaire and a brilliant person, the founder of Angel List. Almanack is a transcription of a tweetstorm about how to get rich, which he started. It is very principal-based. 


14) Breakthrough Advertising, by Eugene Schwartz 

It is one of the pioneers of the direct response base. It gives the idea of different levels of awareness with prospects and product sophistication. The most significant statement in the book is that you don’t create desire, but you have to channel existing passion to generate demand for your product. 

These 14 Books Made Me $36,000,000

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