This pitch framework makes me $80,000 per day

We will go through the pitching frame or pitch codex for anything you sell; this mainly works for services like coaching courses, consolidating high tickets, etc. Our framework has three parts:

High-level promise: In this, you will state what is and is not at the highest benefit level. 

Bridge: The Bridge is the four steps/pillars between their current situation and their desired situation; it will explain why everything they have done in the past has failed and how this will be different. 

The delivery: You tell them actually what they get.

High-Level Promise

You start the call with an introduction and then move on to the information-gathering process by asking questions. Then you move on to the transition, a language pattern in which we can transition to the pitch in a way that eliminates sales resistance and gets the prospect to ask you to pitch them. 

Then, ask them to take a pen and pad and write 1 to 4; this will assure you they are not walking around or driving. Instead, they are sitting and entirely concentrated on the call only. It should be a direct command. Preface that everything you offer is customized, so they have four steps. 


The first two pillars are paradigm shifts; they should explain why they failed in the fast and why this is different. Pillar number 3 is about future pacing and everything you will do with them after they have accomplished one and two. Hence, this will ensure they will achieve pillars one and two. 

Pillar number four is similar to future pacing. Thus, in this way, the prospect will become more confident that they are doing this; it will also remove the fear of success because many people are scared of what will come after they find success. 

Details Regarding the Framework

Your framework could work by saying that most people make this mistake, and if they don’t fix it, they face the consequences. Hence, your methodology can help them benefit from that benefit. Ultimately, you will use the old vs. new or us vs. them frame. 

You should then ask them do they understand this, and if they say yes, you need to ask again what their thoughts are regarding the process. In this way, you will get the double tie down.  

It would be best if you kept on questions on every step rather than holding onto them till the last; your pitch should be like a dialogue and not an anvil drop.

Furthermore, it would help if you incorporated what they say in your pitch; for instance, refer to any example of a problem they are facing and how you can mainly correct it. 

Also, you can use multiple forms of proof. For example, you can tell them this happened when you implemented this method in your company in 2021. You need to prove all the claims you are making in the pitch. 

The second pillar will mimic the first one, and you want to make it sound proprietary and linear. You want to sound like something that exists, but the prospect has yet to hear of it. Thus, in pillars one and two, you need to get heavier tie-downs, whereas in pillars three and four, you can be a bit lighter and paint the future picture.

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