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Nope. We DO recruit for you…but our clients run their sales internally. The economics just don’t work at scale with the outsourced model. Sales is the most important part of your business – so outsourcing it is dangerous. If your sales agency walks away, you’re S.O.L. Our goal is to help you build an internal sales department that runs itself.
Yep. When you invest in getting our help to build your sales team, your salespeople get daily training & private coaching from me and my team. This is the only way we can make sure the new talent we bring in can step up and perform. From there, you’ll get licensed rights to use all our sales training and SOPs for life. So you can have me in the ear of every single setter and closer you’ll ever hire from here on out.
They work for you. We vet and topgrade potential recruits. But this is all about building YOUR internal team. So each and every person we send you is YOURS (once they’ve proven they can perform for you, that is.)
Yes, absolutely. This is our specialty. If you have an existing sales team that’s underperforming, we can help them 1) perform at a higher level, and 2) eliminate ruts and inconsistency. They’ll stop missing deals they should close… and you’ll end the year with a couple hundred thousand more in your pocket.
Absolutely not. It’s the same reason why outsourced sales don’t work – because the economics break down at scale. And if you don’t have the economics in place, you can’t A) attract A-Players, or B) incentivize them to stick around.
It’s true, not everyone IS ready. But you should still reach out and speak with us. Because we can at least give you next steps to get you “sales team ready” ASAP. And we’ve had plenty of people come in saying “I dunno if I’m ready”… only to jump in with both feet once they got a better understanding of how our process works. Bottom line is: if the program is not a good fit for you, we’ll say so.

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