This Secret Allowed Russell Brunson To Sell Over 362+ Million

Many elite salespeople in the industry have developed certain methods and techniques to master the art of converting potential leads into clients.

Let us discuss this in greater detail, highlighting some methods that will allow you to boost your conversion rate considerably.


The 2 Sales

One of the first things that you need to understand is that two different sales need to be made on every sales call or presentation that you are making: the sale on the method and the sale on the product.

Sale on The Method

When taking a look at the sales pitch given by some of the most elite salespeople out there, one of the first things you will notice is that a majority of the pitch consists of them talking about the product from a general perspective, while only the very end part of the presentation talks about the specific product itself.

This is known as the sale on the method and is effective because it relates the general product with the specific one they are selling, which creates a desire within people who are not knowledgeable of the product’s functionality.

Sale on the Product

 This comprises the other part of the sales pitch, which highlights the features and functions of the specific product to reel potential clients to invest in their product.

This method presents the lead with a specific problem and then provides them with a solution in the form of the product they are selling to create a need within the potential client.


The Key to Nail a Sale

To make sure that the salesperson successfully produces a need within the potential client, they need to be able to explain to the lead why everything they had tried in the past to solve the problem has failed and why this specific product will be different.

How this works is this technique presents the problem-based mechanism, and then right after that presents them with a solution-based mechanism by telling them about the product and how it solves the problem.

What this does is through pitching the product this way is that it helps them simultaneously understand the crux of the problem they have been facing the whole time, reinforcing their belief that this specific product is the solution to this issue through simultaneous reasoning technique, resulting in much easier acceptance to invest in your product.



Generating a lead is just one part of the sales process, with the other and much more difficult part of the overall process being able to sell the potential client on the mentioned product to secure that sale, which can be a difficult ordeal that requires persuasion. 

However, these techniques used by many expert salespeople in the industry will surely help you increase your conversion rates in no time!


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