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When you are on the sales call, it is essential to understand that the information-gathering phase is further divided into two other subcategories.

The first stage is used to cover the current situation during the sales call, which is also known as the hell island, while the other one is known as the heaven island and covers the ideal situation that is perfect for creating desire during the sales call.

Let us discuss this in greater detail, understanding the different syntaxes involved and other information regarding creating a desire within someone during a sales call.


Different Syntaxes

To further extend the concept of heaven and hell island, they can be further defined by referring to them as two different syntaxes: goals for syntax and problems for syntax.

They might sound similar, but there are many distinctions between them. This is why there are different approaches to this problem, according to the starting point you will be taking: either starting with a problem or with a goal.

The main difference when choosing a different starting point is that when you begin by considering the problem, you are essentially considering the sub-par situation and improving it to a level where it can be considered suitable.

However, when establishing your foundation on a sales call through the goals of syntax, you are taking advantage of an unfulfilled desire, turning the situation from something suitable but not ideal and converting it into optimal desire according to the sales call.


How to Create Desire within a Sales Call

Finding their Ultimate Goal

This is the very first point of the process and involves obtaining their ultimate goal. What is meant the ultimate goal in this context is to understand their desire, to understand what the ideal outcome of this situation is according to their perspective.


Assign a Number

the main benefit of assigning a specific number to the optimal desire of the individual on the other line is to provide you with a metric for the acquired information. What this does is provide clarity in terms of the desired situation.


Cover a Long-term Vision

To help them envision their desired situation, it is vital to convey the long-term benefits and the resulting scenario attached to the desire.

Understand the Importance and Attach a Non-Monetary Goal

After finding their desired situation clearly, you need to understand the importance behind it, and be able to attach a non-monetary goal to it, relating the goal to other social aspects, for example.


The Permission – Reason Why Question Framework

Compliance is a necessary part of the sales call, and the best way to gain maximum compliance from the other end is through this framework.

How it works is that you first ask permission to ask a personal question. This increases the compliance factor, leading to an increase in the likelihood of you getting better answers.

Furthermore, you ask a personal question to develop a presupposition within the mind of the individual on the other line that they would have to respond from a personal perspective, increasing compliance.



Creating desire within an individual is especially difficult during a sales call. However, following the persuasion triggers and the steps to create the desire within an individual on the other side will equip you with all the necessary skills.

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