2 Keys I Used to Scale to 8 Figures

Two key factors are common within every successful company, and they can help any company jump to eight figures. Let us discuss this in greater detail, understanding the two key considerations needed for any company to take the next step in terms of scaling in revenue.


Gaining Mastery Over One Channel of Acquisition

An acquisition channel is defined as the medium or platform marketers and sales companies use to acquire potential clients.

Even though many organizations prefer to keep multiple different client acquisition channels, it is essential to understand that mastering one scalable channel is important to get the most out of it.

Incorporating multiple channels into your strategy might sound great in the short term, but many elements need to be considered when considering the big picture.

Not only that, but targeting and gaining mastery over a scalable acquisition channel would allow your business to get outputs similar to the number of inputs you put in.

This means that the more input you put into your acquisition channel, the more output it will produce, which is perfect for the scalability and growth of an organization.

When starting, many entrepreneurs target several different channels with the perception that the combination of such communication mediums provides them with organic results, making them scalable.

However, that is not the case, and even though the results may be consistent, the right scalable channel can double your company’s output.

There are many scalable channels out there, including manual outbound and affiliates, and there is no suitable channel to guarantee the rapid scaling of a business.

Many companies have used any of the scalable channels and succeeded in making the eight-figure jump but paid traffic and manual outbound have proven to be two of the most lucrative channels out there.


Making Changes To Improve Channel Efficiency

Once the business has determined the scalable channel of acquisition to be targeted, the next part of the process and an essential factor in improving the business revenue scaling is to bolster the selected channel by improving its efficiency.

This key involves performing tweaks to the channel and micro-managing it so that the channel continues to improve relative to the business growth, essentially providing more scale out of the channel to cope with the development of an organization.

A major portion of the enhancement process goes into making changes to improve the return on expenditure that you make with advertisement.

One way to do this is by increasing the price for availing the services as you start to develop a considerable consumer base. This is pretty straightforward and directly impacts the expenditure on the acquisition channel.

If you feel a price increase will have too much of a drop in the consumers invested in your business, another way is to improve the conversion rates resulting from the Ad funnel.

Since this poses less risk in terms of reducing the target audience compared to increasing your service costs, many organizations tend to go with this method first.



There is a lot more to these two keys, such as increasing your channel efficiency by adding outbound setters or going with an unconventional acquisition channel such as affiliates or owned traffic.

Whatever it may be, these two keys to success can help you scale your business to new heights.

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