How to Build a Sales Team Filled with A-Players

How to build a sales team

Every business doing 7-figures or more often has a killer sales team pulling the strings behind the curtains. The problem is finding, hiring, and retaining A-Player sales reps can be really difficult. Recruitment is just the first step in building an effective sales team. So maybe you’ve never hired a sales rep before and would […]

Top 10 Sales Commission Structures

Top 10 Sales Commission Structures

I’ve built two sales teams over the last two years that now collect over $2.5m per month in cash. And one of the most important aspects of this sales machine was nailing down my team’s commission structure.  Figuring out compensation for your sales team is key to your company’s success. Get it wrong, and you […]

Sales Outsourcing: How to Outsource Sales and Get Massive Results

sales outsourcing

Building a sales team takes lots of time, energy, and money. So, sales outsourcing can be the key to boosting your sales volume and unlocking new growth levels.   But, sales outsourcing has its challenges too.  For one, good outsourced sales teams are as hard to find. Plus, it means you’re not in control of a […]

Hiring Sales Reps: How to Find & Recruit High-Performance Sales Reps 

Hiring Sales Reps: How to Find & Recruit High-performance Sales Reps

You have a great offer. And you’re ready to expand your sales team and scale your business to 7 or 8 figures. There’s only one problem: you have trouble hiring sales reps.  For one, superstar commission-based sales talents are hard to find. Also, you never know which hire will be successful and stick with you […]